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The Antioch OTR Superman Collection on mp3

The full collection of Superman that airs on Antioch OTR over the course of 3 1/2 years is now available for purchase. Now you can listen to this uncommonly good quality audio of the 1940's 15 minute Superman episodes on your own schedule. There are 1,082 episodes in this collection with 773 coming directly from low generation reels out of the ABN Library and the remaining from the OTRNow collection with permission. All episodes from both sources have been fully listened to at least once and many times twice, reviewed and restored where needed over the course of a year with over 400 hours of careful work. This collection is meant to be enjoyed from beginning to end so the stories included in this collection are complete or mostly complete.

Superman reels Antioch OTR flash drive

When you purchase, you get the 1,082 episode mp3 collection shipped on an 8 GB USB flash drive which you can copy to anything that can play mp3s. Shipping is limited to the U.S. and Canada.

Using the June 29, 1948 episode "480629 (1762) Secret of Meteor Island 12 of 17" here are samples of the same 2 minutes of audio from what's in general circulation and Antioch OTR:

General circulation

Antioch OTR

Full list of episodes

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