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ABN Old-Time Radio Antioch Station Journal

December 2, 2021

Added mugs, t-shirts and sweatshirts for sale through on-demand printing at Spring at minimal margins since I'm not doing this to raise money but just giving fans to opportunity to purchase Antioch OTR items. Today Spring is giving 15% off all orders with coupon code HOLIDAY15. Visit the Antioch OTR Store. Later I hope to have a couple other items for sale directly, again at near cost so check back.

November 5, 2021

It took a bit longer than I expected but I finished listening to all of the new Challenge of the Yukon. We ended-up with 344 episodes, fully reviewed

This summer I finally made it to the Early TV Museum. I've read a lot about early TV but this museum still provided a lot of surprises for early innovations and products I didn't know existed as early as they did. There are a lot of rarities and several hundred, maybe thousands of museum pieces. It takes hours to go through this.

Early TV Museum

July 20, 2021

I'm more than halfway through listening to Challenge of the Yukon and fixes were needed such as mislabeled/duplicate episodes. There are certain things you can only find out by listening to them in their entirety. This will be fully reviewed in about a month.

Some disappointing news is that the IL reels already went elsewhere. I didn't expect to get them and then in March I was led to believe I would and then the family executors of the estate essentially deceived the lifelong friend of the deceased original owner and myself. I don't know why, maybe money, maybe some other reason, they won't say. Maybe they'll end up on eBay. I still have a good amount of mining I can do on the thousands of reels I have and I'm still getting upgrades and new sources so the collection will continue to improve. It's just too bad if wherever the IL reels went that whoever has them may not take interest or care in some of the more personal parts of that collection such as audio letters and recordings of the ORCATS net on the ham bands over many years that would be of interest to people like me who were a part of it for many years.

June 27, 2021

Added 384 346 episodes of Challenge of the Yukon, finally returning this program after collecting good audio without hiccups. It will air in Frontier Stories along with the Lone Ranger schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Expect to hear 1 to 2 episodes of this per week with the first this Monday. I'm on a mission to listen to every second of these 384 346 episodes to make any final adjustments or repair and so far I've listened to 35 in their entirety. Sgt. Preston of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and his wonder dog King star in the adventures in the Yukon Territories during the gold rush of the late 1890's. It is very much angled toward dog lovers. Many times we get the hint that someone is a bad character if they don't like dogs.

Also added 42 episodes of Unit 99 to Police Stories. This is a reality police program much like Nightwatch but taking place in Sacramento, CA whereas Nightwatch is in Culver City, CA. These are 1950's radio predecessors to COPS and Live PD.

May 25, 2021

A new TV stream of early TV programs launched earlier this month. Classic Reruns TV. Unlike MeTV and Decades, they are playing many more of the older TV programs that overlap with OTR such as Life of Riley, Lone Ranger, Dragnet, Ozzie & Harriet, and many programs from the 1950s that I had never heard of. It's carried on several free to inexpensive streaming services such as DistroTV, KlowdTV, Select TV and Vidgo.

May 2, 2021

Heard in the cross-promo at the end of Broadway Is My Beat - May 2, 1953:

    In the movie "Gone With The Wind" it cost $472,000 to burn down Atlanta. On Lux Radio Theatre it cost $27 plus the imagination of the listeners to 105 million radio sets. If you'd like to burn down a city to attract an audience, do it on radio and save $471,973.

And you can enjoy a glass of Roma wine in 2021 while listening to Suspense.
Roma Wine

April 9, 2021

I finally finished the episode number cleanup on Suspense so they all have episode numbers and they are all updated to the consensus I see. Besides that I've only upgraded a few episodes of various programs here and there in 2021 so it wasn't worth noting here. Most of my work has been for upcoming releases to which I'll announce when that is done.

I just updated the site to php 8 which required me to replace obsolete functions. I think everything is working for both desktop and mobile. Let me know if you see any trouble

Most exciting is that I expect to acquire the rest of the Illinois reel collection this summer. I acquired 10% of it back in August 2018. This collection is likely to have some rather unique things. This is rather exciting but it's going to require I rent storage. I have nearly 3,000 reels here now. It's difficult to envision having 9,000 without getting rid of something else.

January 11, 2021

I recently made two enhancements:

  1. Episodes that are from the reel collection are now announced as such.
  2. For fill music, if it is possible to make a close to exact length fit with one track, that is now done.

December 1, 2020

After repeatedly trying to get OTRR to take my audio upgrades to incorporate in their collection, I've given up. I'm directly releasing the 122 episodes of Let George Do It that I digitized from reels and consider to be audio upgrades to what is in general circulation including from most dealers. The mp3 files that I've found everywhere else had encoding hiccups including from OTRR at so this solves that problem for at least these 122. It is NOT a complete collection. Use this to upgrade your collection yourself from OTRR @ or wherever else.

There is great news in the collaboration area: I've been busy digitizing a fraction of a recently released collection of reels along with several others doing the same with reels and disks to be eventually shared on Of course many of these are being added to this station right away including episodes of Ozzie & Harriet, The Life of Riley and Phil Harris - Alice Faye.

November 23, 2020

I have over 40 reels of The Great Gildersleeve but just 12 of those have provided 116 audio upgrades to this 539 episode collection. This is the first time I've done any upgrades to this program in 15 years because I considered it to be good so it was nice to find I could improve it.

November 14, 2020

I appeared on the Storycomic Podcast to talk about the station, how I got into OTR and more.

Watch on YouTube

November 7, 2020

Added 7 to Counterspy with 5 from 1 reel. Upgraded 12 Phil Harris & Alice Faye from 1 reel. Upgraded 11 Suspense from 2 reels. Added 2 Box 13. Added 66 Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar with with 15 from 2 reels. Added 27 episodes of a new program The Saint to Detective from 3 reels.

About 4,000 episodes or 25% have been reviewed, new or updated in 2020, over 11,000 or 69% in the last 3 years with 2,012 or 12% from reels. About 446 reels or 17% of the total reel collection has been digitized.

October 23, 2020

Added 13 and upgraded 7 of Nick Carter, Master Detective from 2 reels. Upgraded 6 Philip Marlowe from 1 reel. Performed a full audit and replacement of Fibber McGee and Molly bringing it from 470 to 518 total air-worthy episodes.

October 15, 2020

From 5 reels, upgraded 38 and added 22 to Fibber McGee and Molly for many of the early 50's episodes with Pet Milk and Reynolds Aluminum.

October 6, 2020

Added 50 episodes of Inheritance to Matinee Theater. This program dramatizes historical stories of the United States heritage. Many of these stories probably stopped being taught in schools decades ago. Performed an audit of Sam Spade taking it from 51 to 59 episodes with 8 additions from reels.

September 10, 2020

Just performed an audit and merge from several sources to Inner Sanctum bringing it from 70 to 118 playable episodes, but only getting 7 from reels so far. Also upgraded 57 of The Weird Circle with just 2 from reels.

September 2, 2020

Finished Dragnet with 71 upgrades from reels. Upgraded 7 Rocky Jordan. Upgraded 2 Phil Harris & Alice Faye from another reel I just found. I have 2 sets of 7-reel collections of Quiet Please. I've digitized one of these sets and started from scratch rebuilding Quiet Please so far to 43 episodes, 41 from these reels.

August 18, 2020

Just did some touchup work to Dragnet upgrading 36 episodes with 35 of those from the reels, and removed 12 poor quality audio episodes for which I could not yet find a better copy. I have at least 35 Dragnet reels and I'm digitizing them all but taking a targeted approach to replacing. The Dragnet collection was originally acquired in 2004 from a premier source that disappeared about that long ago. I also upgraded 11 Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons from 1 reel I missed last time through.

Some of the Dragnet Reels

August 12, 2020

I've received confirmations that Antioch OTR is again available on C.Crane and Grace Digital WiFi radios so if you have one of those and don't get Antioch OTR now, try doing a search again for "Antioch". With all the trouble of getting these directories to update, I must also mention who was most responsive and helpful: C.Crane has terrific service and personally made sure this was done right with the Reciva directory when Reciva ignored me for a week. The ooTunes app on iOS updated details so quickly that it was already corrected within hours if not minutes.

I just did another upgrade to Broadway is My Beat with 27 either new or upgraded audio bringing it to 135 total. And I did a major upgrade to The Phil Harris - Alice Faye Show taking it from 75 to 215 episodes with 194 either new or upgraded audio while also moving it to Comedy Shows.

Wisconsin Public Radio has determined that "Despite significant effort over the years, it has been nearly impossible to find historic programs without offensive and outdated content. " so they are removing all OTR programming from their stations. Anecdotally, many listeners have told me OTR is their alternative to offensive present day entertainment.

August 3, 2020

TuneIn is updated and working this afternoon. Grace Digital and Reciva directories should also be updated now or very soon. I released Antioch Rebroadcaster 1.0.10 with the updated stream address.

Burns and Allen is upgraded from 89 to 249 episodes using 5 sources. I started with over 1,200 files. Only 6 were not replaced or new and I was only able to use 9 from reels. I started this project nearly 2 years ago but got bogged-down in it and then forgot about it until recently picking it back up a couple weeks ago.

August 1, 2020

Our stream host changed the IP address at 5 AM. I caught this at about 6:30 AM and changed what needed changing that I could. I've been expecting the change but I was under the impression by the stream host emails that there would be a crossover period. I must have misunderstood that I needed to switch my input to the new address to get the output to switch too. It was not possible to have both active for the transition. The main problem now is that TuneIn had to be notified. I did this at 7 AM. At 11 PM, they haven't done anything yet. Sorry. This just shows that the little guys are far more responsive than the big guys. If you can, just use the mobile website here where you get more information anyway that TuneIn just can't find a way to allow without also including inappropriate art.

The new address is:
The playlist file @ always points to the correct address.

In the pipeline is a big Burns & Allen upgrade which I should have done in less than a week.

July 1, 2020

There are other OTR stations on the internet and one that I can recommend for audio quality and for a wide variety is Conyers OTR. Bob and I started our stations about the same time and have been in contact, cooperating and sharing for 16 years to make both our stations better. Not long ago, Conyers OTR began running on the Mac software I created so that it has date matching and is on a nicely structured schedule. Bob is not yet utilizing the full functionality but hopes to soon. He makes up for it by providing a wider variety than Antioch. Think of us as a blue and red network like what NBC did. If you don't like what's on Antioch OTR at some particular time, be sure to try out Conyers OTR.

July 2 update: I just added 14 of The Jack Paar Show, 12 from reels.

Those in the U.S.: Celebrate the 4th as best you can. Read the document that started it.

April 18, 2020

Just finished Suspense upgrades from 3,600 source files to give us 696 upgrades and a new total of 885 episodes after removing some that were not good enough. That's 78% replaced. Most are much better and some are marginally better. Not every Suspense episode is going to be spectacular audio quality but all of them should be good enough to enjoy. Having listened to so much Suspense over the past 3 weeks, it's apparent to me now that Joseph Kearns (Mr. Wilson from Dennis the Menace) seems to have made it into nearly every episode.

Suspense was one of the first high quality seeds of this station when I purchased the complete Suspense from OTRNow versions 1.0 and upgraded to 2.0 back in 2004. Rick from OTRNow noted he had spent 5 years already getting it to this condition. In my mind this was not a collection that needed my attention but after 16 years, it was in fact far past time for attention.

This brings us to 2,080 upgrades or additions in 2020 alone and more than 10,000 (2/3 of the station) new or upgraded in the past 5 years.

April 3, 2020

Upgraded audio for 363 Suspense episodes and to highlight this, I've added Suspense to 11 PM, moving The Whistler to 1 AM. You'll know the upgraded Suspense episodes by them being the first to include episode numbers (e.g. "Jul 5, 1945: (148) The Last Detail w/George Colouris") before I do this for the entire collection later. Also replaced all Secret Agent K7 Returns from 2 reels taking it from 35 to 42 episodes.

March 26, 2020

Upgraded 24 Big Town from 3 reels. Upgraded 17 of The Line-Up from 2 reels. Upgraded all 26 Michael Shayne. Added 14 Dr. Sixgun to Frontier Stories. Performed an audit and edit with 18 upgrades from 2 reels to Dark Fantasy. Upgraded 6 of The Weird Circle from 2 reels. Upgraded 31 Crime Club. Took My Favorite Husband from 26 to 54 with 42 upgraded including 5 from 1 reel. Some upgrades may not be spectacular audio but realize that the general circulation of these episodes is unlistenable and the copies I've retrieved are far better presentable improvements.

My Favorite Husband is a very good funny sitcom. It stars Lucille Ball but I find it much better than I Love Lucy. Liz has the sardonic wit of Our Miss Brooks in more of an Ozzie and Harriet setting.

March 16, 2020

Took Rocky Jordan from 38 to 81 episodes with 73 new or replaced of which 25 came from 7 reels

March 13, 2020

Added 52 Damon Runyon Theater to Matinee Theater, all from reels. Performed audits and additions to Hall of Fantasy (15 from reels) and Murder at Midnight.

March 10, 2020

Took Dangerous Assignment from 44 to 94 playable episodes with 92 of them coming from 8 reels. This is again far better audio quality than general circulation. Dangerous Assignment was a popular program on NBC even though it is not one of the most cherished due to somewhat predictable plots. With lower expectations, I still found it very enjoyable, especially in the higher audio quality. You'll hear Dangerous Assignment in Spy Stories.

The total programs in the ABN broadcast library is now over 15,000. Over 10% of the ABN broadcast library is now sourced by me from the reels. Over 13% of the total reel collection has now been digitized.

March 5, 2020

There was an outage at the streaming host provider in the early morning. My silence sensor wasn't working properly (now fixed) so I didn't find out until someone emailed me. Once I knew and contacted the provider, it was fixed in 5 minutes. The streaming host is dealing with a lot of issues related to the Chrome 80 move to only support https streams.

Where the Mac has been solid without a reboot sometimes for years, it started freezing about every 2 months in 2019. Investigating the root cause, I came up with a theory based on timing and error messages and some internet searching that it might be the Dell display connected to it which I put on it as a replacement last year when I needed a DVI display for a panadapter ham radio project. So after the last freeze on January 8, 2020, I put a different display on this Mac and so far we've gone 57 days so I'll find out soon if that's the solution. Last time between freezes was 60 days.

March 4, 2020

Performed an audit and upgrades to Pat Novak For Hire. We end up with only 20 playable episodes but 6 of those came from reels made in the early 1970's and the quality from the reels is better than 7 other sources I was working with.

February 29, 2020

Just completed major additions to Calling All Cars taking it from 30 to 211 episodes, 100 of which came from 23 freshly digitized reels. In the nearterm, you will hear this program in Police Stories much more often due to the large number of unplayed episodes. Calling All Cars ran from 1933 to 1939 in western states and the stories have a striking depth for programs of this time period. It is something of a Dragnet forerunner but with different police officers for each episode. Don't discount this program for its age.

With the release of Chrome 80 and the new requirement of no mixed secure and non-secure content, I've added https streaming to the players for this site.

February 22, 2020

Just completed a big audio upgrade to Family Theater replacing nearly all episodes and bringing the total number of playable episodes up from 374 to 523. The first of this plays this Sunday. There are a lot of good stories and they aren't as long as Lux Radio. But do I have to add not advocating the use of LSD to my disclaimer? In the episode June 5, 1957 (526) The Acid Test, in need of extra money, a girl gets paid as a research subject and her life is changed for the better by the use of LSD. Oh my!

Also just finished an audit with audio upgrades to Counterspy although the total playable episodes remains at 78. On deck (literally being digitized from the reel deck right now) is Calling All Cars. Before this upcoming upgrade, I only have 30 playable episodes. But I have over 20 reels to digitize and the first listen of these sounds promising. We should end up with hundreds playable.

February 9, 2020

Kirk Douglas, who just passed away Feb 5, 2020 at the age of 103, stars in today's Suspense - The Butcher's Wife.

December 31, 2019

In going back to listen where I left off in Chandu the Magician, I discovered that "Aug 24, 1948: Letter Arrives" was a duplicate of the previous episode and thus the correct episode audio was missing. I went through my collections and to the internet archive to see if anyone had this correct and everyone has the same duplicate error. So I went to the reels and found the missing episode on reel #5 made in 1971, (back when I was still in di-a-pers). The tape condition was remarkably good and the audio is very acceptable. I'm going to try to share this back to the if I can find a way to contact the right person.

For anyone who has this collection with this duplicate problem, here's the missing episode.

December 22, 2019

I'm calling Superman done. Finally! Over a year after I started from the reels and having listened to the whole series and wrapping around to listen to 2/3 of it again and redoing the digital restoration on hundreds to get everything to the best quality, I'm pretty satisfied with it now. The total from reels is now 773. I've put the mp3s up for sale as both a download and as a flash drive. Desktop users see here. Mobile here. I'm not sure if anyone has put this much time and care into it since they were being transferred from ETs years ago. Regardless, I know that this quality is very uncommon. After a year of only listening to Superman every night, I get to choose something else.

November 22, 2019

I just completed an audit with additions to Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons. I added 20 episodes and used 18 from reels for a total of 47. The program had a long run from 1944 to 1954 with over 500 episodes broadcast. Unfortunately, very few exist today. The early episodes had a distinction in the writing from other detective shows but it later became more like other detective shows.

September 24, 2019

Just completed a full audit of Boston Blackie. Although we went from 154 down to 134 episodes, 28 were new or upgraded from 3 reels and 47 from another high-quality source and nearly all of them were audio edited, retitled and renumbered. Boston Blackie is a quick-witted fun program with plenty of characters.

I'm also adding more episodes to Superman by including episodes from mostly complete stories that I've determined are still enjoyable, especially now with the improved audio quality from the reels. And I've added 10 episodes of Up For Parole to Police Stories

September 9-10, 2019

The 9 year-old Mac has frozen a couple times this year apparently due to graphics. It's been cleaned-out not too long ago. Since it happened a couple days ago, I setup Silence Sensor in my software Radiologik Scheduler to text me from my remotely hosted Mac in Las Vegas when there's a problem so I can catch it much sooner hopefully.

Added just 26 episodes of Johnny Dollar to Detective. This series is very challenging for good quality. More coming but perhaps slowly. Also replaced 19 158 episodes of Superman as I've been listening to the entire series at bedtime way ahead of when it airs and found some more that I thought I must have better on reels and I did. The total from reels for Superman is now 668 of the 1,048.

August 23, 2019

Power outages are unusual here. Today we had the power go on and off at least 5 times with a total outage of about a half hour. Fortunately the UPS kept everything up and there was no interruption to the station

I'm working on the Bob Bailey years of Your Truly, Johnny Dollar. This is one I haven't done before because some are 5-part 15 minute stories and the rest are 30 minute standalone episodes. One way or another I'll find a way to introduce at least some of this to the station in the coming days.

April 30, 2019

After 3 weeks of part-time work, I just completed an audit of Nick Carter, Master Detective taking it from 74 to 89 episodes with 48 upgrades or additions and edits to nearly all of them.

We are nearing the 74th anniversary of VE Day. The April 30, 1945 Sherlock Holmes refers to this since this was the day Hitler committed suicide during the Battle of Berlin.

April 13, 2019

If you were getting weird results from the webpage earlier today, it was the growing pains of moving to secure https from http. I didn't do this for years because I didn't think it was important for a site like this with no login but the browsers are now making the fact that it is "not secure" more and more prominent. Supposedly search rankings are lower for non-secure sites. But I also read that https can be considerably faster so all those things combined was enough impetus. Even though streams can also be secure now, I see absolutely no need for it.

March 30, 2019

Sherlock Holmes got a full audit with editing and cleanup to most episodes new and existing. The total went down from 144 to 123 but we did get 42 upgrades or new. Sherlock Holmes has been played by many different actors over the years. The ABN collection is mostly the years 1945-1948 with Basil Rathbone, Tom Conway, and John Stanley as Holmes with Nigel Bruce and Alfred Shirley as Watson

Over the past 2 years, more than 8,000 shows are new or upgraded. About 1,000 of those are from reels I've digitized.

March 23, 2019

Philo Vance got upgraded with replacements or additions taking us from 59 to 85 episodes. Every episode got individual cleanup attention. Now with the excellent audio quality, these sometimes fun detective stories are much more enjoyable if you can make it past the shrill organ music.

March 15, 2019

Gunsmoke got 143 upgrades and 52 additions making a total of 329 of which 307 were edited for time, noise reduction and general audio quality. The vast majority of these are excellent audio quality but I stretched it a little bit to try to include the greatest number of episodes. Where there are repeats, I only included them if the audio quality was as good or better. But quite a few had to be excluded because they run under 20 minutes.

Start listening to any Gunsmoke episode and you'll be captivated, even if you don't think you like Westerns. Many listeners have expressed that this is the only Western they want to hear. The first of this upgraded collection plays Sunday at 8AM and 5PM.

March 8, 2019

Lux Radio Theatre just got 188 additions or upgrades, a few removals, and a lot of time corrections, edits and noise reduction to both the incoming upgrades and the existing giving us 376 good playable episodes after about 60 hours of work. The last time I audited this collection was probably 10 years ago. Even with that amount of work and having opened many of these audio files, it's still possible there might be some odd audio I missed but I know it is far better than it was. I also added the featured stars in the titles for the whole collection.

Lux Radio Theatre often remakes Hollywood movies for radio using the original stars when they are available. Its pace is different from so much of the rest of OTR due to the use of an hour to tell the story. You might hear something here you like and decide to go find the original motion picture later.

February 14, 2019

Added 54 episodes of a new program to Mystery/Thriller, The Chase. The first one airs midnight Feb 15.

January 9, 2019

Did a full audit of Abbott and Costello. We went from 80 to 120 episodes with 96 replacements or additions, 36 of which came from the ABN reels. All of these skits are as good if not better than the famous "Who's on First?". The only criticism of this show is the contrived laughter at the beginning in the earlier years. In one episode I can hear someone say something like "Remember to give a really hearty laugh". The audience is compelled to give fake laughter to start the show. But the whole shows are really good humor with a lot of word play, a bit of improvisation from the script, and dialogue that is sometimes suggestive but with a lot of class.

Abbott and Costello Reel Boxes

Once I'm done with Superman, two big upcoming projects are Hallmark Playhouse and Challenge of the Yukon. With Challenge of the Yukon, my original collection from a regular OTR dealer has a lot of mp3 hiccups so I haven't played it in years. I've already digitized 12 reels of this but need to do the work of making mp3 episodes out of it. With Hallmark Playhouse I have 2 collections to merge, one of which being from 13 reels which still need to be digitized. Both will be big new additions.

January 5, 2019

Added 64 Space Patrol to Science Fiction for a total of 96 episodes with many upgrades. Added 39 Academy Award Theater as a new program to Matinee Theater. Added 102 Have Gun, Will Travel as a new program to Frontier Stories. Added 8 Macabre as a new program to Mystery/Thriller. 520 Superman are now done from reels.

December 22, 2018

So far I have digitized and prepared about 400 Superman episodes from the reels. It's amazing how much better these are than what's in general circulation, not all, but a whole lot. I also did a full audit of Ozzie and Harriet adding 21 from reels 12 from other new sources. But the total number of episodes went down after this audit due to having to remove many poor quality episodes. This is one tough program to find. Burns and Allen is another I'm struggling with. Apparently not many of these two comedies survived.

No support anywhere could figure this out. But I figured out why the Amazon Kindle Fire, at least the 5th Gen Fire OS (626533320), will not play the station in any app including Silk and TuneIn. Apparently the Kindle Fire OS is blocking port 8000. I've notified Amazon and I'm looking for a workaround. It's not reasonable to change ports and go through the whole process of re-advertising a new server address again. That was weeks of work. Amazon needs to fix this. As you can imagine, even when I figure it out for them, I must jump through all the hoops of support to report it which took about 3 hours. Maybe... just maybe, something will happen.

Update: I created a workaround for the Kindle Fire but it will only work to play the stream from this site. It required a javascript decider to send Silk through a web proxy to get around the port 8000 block Amazon created.

November 29, 2018

I've begun digitizing 45 Superman reels with 24-28 episodes each and the results are most episodes are terrific quality improvements. I started with episodes at the position we are broadcasting in this serial and I'm working my way forward and then around. That means you will only hear the best available with the reels included when they are better. So far I have over 10% of all Superman upgraded.

Superman Tape Reel

I will end the old server in less than a week. I don't know what else I can do to get the last 25-30% moved over. I've been running audio announcements and notified all directories I can. I most recently notified vTuner and they are now moved over although they insist on keeping the AM 1710 art of years ago even after I provided them new art. Some directories have had trouble understanding my concise English that I'm replacing and not adding a server so it's been a lot of work getting them to do it right. And although I found a form to try to submit the new server address to Apple's iTunes "Internet Radio" directory, they still write back that they don't allow any modifications so I suppose they'll just leave an old AM 1710 in their directory that won't work. Nothing I can do for that. That's the level of quality they insist on. iTunes users just add it yourself--File menu, Open Stream, and put it in a playlist to find easily.

November 15-22, 2018

Nov 22: Everything should be resolved. AT&T did maintenance, I replaced the router, and a new streaming server was added. The audio source programming is still the old Mac mini from 2010 which continues to work perfectly. The old streaming server will be discontinued very soon. Everywhere I have control I've updated all references to point to the new server and advised all directories that I can find of the new address. This includes the web player, mobile, TuneIn, onlineradiobox, Streema (simple radio), Grace Digital, and icecast's own directory. I can't update the listing in iTunes directory because Apple won't allow it so you'll need to manually add the address to iTunes (File menu-Open Stream) or anywhere else it has been manually entered. will always point too the right place. New streaming service is less expensive so expenses next year will be less than this year.

Nov 18: Added new server and set web player, mobile, and links on pages to point to this new server. Mobile page may need a reload.

Nov 16: Resetting everything with the connection at 6PM.

Nov 15: There have been interruptions to the internet connection several times per day for the past week. Some are short enough to not be noticeable but many are disconnecting everyone now. AT&T is visiting today. Switched to backup network until resolved, hopefully later today.

October 31, 2018

Replaced a couple dozen Mysterious Traveler. Did a full audit to The Aldrich Family adding many. Added The Anderson Family (not to be confused with Father Knows Best). And replaced a few other miscellaneous. I slowed my pace on the reels but will get back to it during the winter. The TEAC 4070G reel-to-reel I picked-up at hamfest is mostly restored but still needs an alignment and speed adjustment.

September 7, 2018

Using 14 reels got 122 additions or replacements with 38 from other sources taking us from 59 to 160 episodes of Let George Do It. Only 3 episodes didn't get replaced. The main reason for such a large amount of replacement is because the most common mp3s of this in circulation were done I think in 1999 and 2000 and they were encoded poorly with hiccups or audio drops every few seconds. Being that I'm one of the few to go back to analog to retrieve this, at minimum we got the same fidelity without glitches but mostly exceeded it when you look at how many new airable we got out of that.

Also, using 9 reels got 8 replacements and 16 new to Broadway Is My Beat and using 8 reels got 47 replacements and 12 new for This Is Your FBI.

I will begin indicating which shows are taken from these reels with either a tiny reel icon or this: o_o = from ABN reels.

Chandu, the Magician replaces Marco Polo on Sunday serials

August 30 2018

What an experience to get material that's been all analog up to me. There's a lot on reels that is poor or unusable, but it's worth it for that fraction that gives us sometimes very uncommon quality. I've digitized 57 reels so far--45 from the Ohio collection which is just over 2% of it.

Made very significant improvements to X Minus One, getting 18 upgrades from the reels and other upgrades from other sources for 129 playable. The Life of Riley got a full merge/audit with 83 upgrades or new from reels, 18 from other sources for 195 playable. Father Knows Best got 26 upgrades or new from reels and many others from other sources for 105 playable.

August 23, 2018

After fighting with issues with the 50 year-old Sony Deck and not being able to get the AKAI to run at all yet, I decided to purchase a fully-serviced reel deck from the 80's--a TEAC X-300. These fully-serviced decks can be very expensive but since I can do without pro features and auto-reverse, I did okay with this. In side-by-side recording tests against the Sony, the speed is more correct on the TEAC and the background hiss is less. And it runs nearly silently on my desk beside me. I knew I had to do this in order to get through this mass number of reels. I've included the cost of this in the amount needed for 2018.

TEAC X-300

X Minus One will have a 3-source merge and audit completed shortly. This was one of the first programs I collected before I started the station publicly. In my memory I thought I had good quality at the time after merging some collections but today there's better and it needs some attention. One of the sources is the reel collection but I don't know yet if any of those will win. So far they sound just as good as other good sources so we'll see.

August 13, 2018

Performed an audit/merge on Philip Marlowe replacing nearly half the episodes with upgraded audio.

From here on, the two collections will be known as the Ohio collection and the Illinois collection. I have about 600 of 6,000 of the Illinois collection and I have all 2,000 of the Ohio collection. The nice thing about the Ohio collection is that it is very well cataloged. I can lookup a show I'm interested in to get the reel numbers and then head into the archive room to pull the reels for digitization. Over the past few days I've replaced Whistler episodes using the Ohio collection where audio fidelity is better at the expense of more noise. I think the added noise is okay considering the presence of the audio improves and my technique for noise reduction is moderate and not distracting. So far I've upgraded 30 and added 2 episodes that were previously too poor to air.

Below are the 2 shelving units with the entire Ohio collection.


August 8, 2018

20 hours, 1,000 miles, 40 x 1.5 cu ft. boxes, 1,500 lbs, 2,000 reels. It was a long day yesterday but I've secured a well-cataloged reel collection from 30 years of collecting in good condition as well as an AKAI 1722W reel deck.


July 27, 2018

Just purchased 4 large storage shelves for physically storing and 2 5TB drives for digitally storing the incoming reels. Each reel occupies (a convenient for calculations) 1GB when recorded in Apple Lossless. I was thinking I'd have to rent a storage unit for this volume but we managed to do some cleaning, reorganizing and purging things we don't need to make room. The number of reels expected over the next year is still unknown but could be as high as 6,000 now and perhaps higher if I go after another reel collection that is also available but much farther away.


I will surely need to get another and a better reel deck than the Sony TC-530 I have. I've already done a minor overhaul to this deck and had to deal with sticky tape syndrome cleanup. I don't count reel decks as an expense yet because there's a chance some of this will be gifted to me or at least I'll get it a low cost. New and upgraded audio will trickle into the broadcast library and may not always be worthy of mention here.


July 19, 2018

Just acquired about 1,800 reels of which 600 are OTR out of over 3,000 5,000 OTR reels potentially to be acquired this year. I've already digitized a few reels and added or replaced episodes in The Line-Up, Hall of Fantasy, The Clock and This is Your FBI. It will be a mining expedition to find where the reels add to the collection or surpass the quality of what we already have. I'm sure only a minority of it will be upgrades. Collectors typically put 12 (30 min) episodes on each reel using one program on the left and one on the right for stereo tape. So I can digitize them at a minimum of 2x speed.

reels reels reels reels

If you'd like to purchase used blank Ampex 1800' or 2400' 7" reels for cheap (no boxes), let me know.

June 13, 2018

With the help of station friend Ryan's contribution of episodes, I did a thorough audit of Gang Busters giving us a total of 68 episodes with audio good enough for airing. Gang Busters had a very long run from 1935 to 1957 with probably over 1,000 episodes that originally aired. It started on NBC, went to ABC when that was formed out of NBC Blue and then later was on CBS and finally on Mutual. Unfortunately very few recordings are available or in the public domain that I can find. Gang Busters entered into English slang "to go on as Gang Busters" due to the loud opening of the show. It's open cases announcements with "be on the lookout for" may have brought as many as 286 criminals to justice in one year and were later imitated in the 1990's by Unsolved Mysteries on TV.

April 19, 2018

The world keeps moving and although we can stay in one epoch for radio, we can't do the same for the internet and web. I had to remove the antique radio gallery due to the gallery software not being updated since 2013 making it incompatible with the version of php I must move to. I also removed Twitter but replaced it with this journal on the mobile version which I think makes the mobile better.

April 13, 2018

Jack Benny is done from 1938-1955 giving us 495 playable episodes. That's as far back as makes sense to go from what I've been able to listen to. 148 episodes of Life with Luigi was added and more than 100 other audio upgrades were done to several other shows in the past month. All in all there have been 4,000 shows upgraded or added in the past year.

March 14, 2018

Jack Benny is done for 1943-1955 so far with 365 airable episodes. I've done audio work to 95%. In a set of two episodes I was comparing where Jack and the gang are on a train, one file has noise reduction done already which made it sound pretty clean and the other didn't. But on further comparison, I discovered the noise reduction had actually removed the intended train background sound effect. So I obviously used the other and did my own noise reduction. It has to be done carefully. For example, you don't want to remove the subtler sound of phone ringing as heard over the line from the caller side.

March 6, 2018

In the process of doing a complete audit and upgrade on Jack Benny. Working my way backwards, I now have 203 episodes done for the CBS years 1949-1955. This is a really good audio quality upgrade but it is taking some time as I'm having to do audio restoration work to almost every single episode.

February 24, 2018

Just added 91 episodes of Tales of the Texas Rangers to Police Stories. First episodes will be heard Sunday. At first blush you'd think this would be a western and fit in Frontier Stories but it is set in contemporary (OTR) times and more or less resembles a Texas version of Dragnet.

February 20, 2018

Just completed a 5 source merge quality improvement on Our Miss Brooks giving us 124 episodes we can play. Also just completed a 3 source merge full replacement of Night Beat giving us 69 episodes.

January 6, 2018

Thought I was done with the Lone Ranger but I was not. Did another infusion bringing the total up to 1,828, which happens to be the year Rossini began composing the Lone Ranger's theme song (aka The William Tell Overture). I quality reviewed a lot of audio over many days and 10's of hours. I adjusted a lot of audio removing leading and trailing silence, removing hum, and even notch filtering-out a 4,500Hz tone in some episodes among other things. I made good use of batch processing and 12 CPU cores on this project. Thanks to Bob Merritt of Conyers OTR for helping with this.

The programs that are not The Lone Ranger in Frontier Stories make up 628 episodes and already with the 685 we had for the past 3 months, The Lone Ranger was getting heavy play to the dismay of some Lone Ranger haters who made sure I knew. I actually understand that as I didn't care much for it either. Even without the complaints I would have done this: I made it so The Lone Ranger only plays Monday, Wednesday and Friday as it mostly originally aired and everything else plays the other days. Everyone should be happy. The Lone Ranger is actually a very good program and sometimes includes some history. It's a lot more enjoyable when we have good audio.

BTW, I forgot to mention I added 27 episodes of Mr. Keen, Tracer of Lost Persons in December.

December 9, 2017

Got notice from my web hosting service that we were overtaxing the server with the amount of activity--over 400,000 hits to PHP files per day mostly coming from javascript data refreshing in desktop, desktop player, and mobile pages producing apache log files upwards of 100MB per day. So I slowed the refresh rate to 60 seconds from 30 in javascript and created a cron job/shell script to hit the PHP several times per hour to produce static html files so that all the hits are just getting static files instead of running PHP. PHP runs for refresh data should now be only about 1,000 per day instead of nearly half a million.

Just noticed today that Jungle Jim is not rotating past the first two episodes. No one said anything. It will now start rotating beginning tonight.

September 28, 2017

New serials schedule starts today. Different serials will run on different days. In addition to Superman 3 days a week (Mon, Wed, Fri), other days will be for Magic Island (Tues), Speed Gibson (Thurs), Jungle Jim (Sat), and Marco Polo (Sun).

The Lone Ranger project is done with 685 airable episodes replacing the older 150.

September 16, 2017

I've embarked on what will be the largest project for any program with The Lone Ranger. This program ran 3 times per week from 1933 to the mid-50's with over 3,000 total episodes. Recordings were only made or kept consistently starting in 1938. Before I started this we only had about 150 episodes approved to play and not all of them were good. Now I'm about halfway done and there are nearly 500 fixed and or approved episodes. I've properly titled, named, distilled the best of duplicates, and done something to nearly all of them in a couple different audio editors. I'll continue this as I find time and it is possible I will go to reels to do my own digitizing since so many mistakes I'm finding were made at the digital stage.

April 6, 2017

Added the new Game Shows segment today starting with episodes from Information Please and The Quiz Kids. It airs 5:30 AM and 8 PM. I wanted to put it at 8:30 PM to match the time announcement Information Please often makes that it is 7:30 in New York but I'd have to swap it with Serials. The progression from Comedy Shows to Game Shows made more sense. Removed You Bet Your Life from Comedy but haven't placed it in Game Shows yet since I want to review it better for quality. Tens of hours went into preparing these game show episodes to have them properly dated and titled and to review many hundreds of audio files to find the best and then edit most of the best to make them better. To make room in the schedule I placed Science Fiction and Spy Stories in the same 30 minute slot daily. Science Fiction will be Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Spy Stories will be Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

March 19, 2017

Added 26 episodes of Stand By for Crime to Detective. This program was apparently done in 1953 but it has no exact dates and no sponsor. It could have been a sustained summer replacement but it's not entirely clear if it ever aired. It is good nonetheless.

January 9, 2017

After what seems like a couple years, I've finally finished listening to all 461 Whistler episodes in order. I was doing this on a Sansa Clip as my bedtime listening to make sure I've heard every second of audio and certify it is good listening. In the process I made a few adjustments and fixes.

I should be adding 22 Cloak & Dagger episodes to Spy Stories this week

I just updated the Antioch Rebroadcaster to version 1.0.7 which addresses issues mostly in the Windows version.

August 12, 2016

I added a clock to the main page that should show you the current time in Antioch. Since it is client-based javascript, it has to read your local time, get UTC time and then apply the offset to get U.S. Central Time. Please let me know if this is wrong for you.

ABN listener, Brian, has written a screenplay inspired by The Whistler episode that aired today, Stolen Murder. He's put together a speculation trailer and uses character names Elliott and Lewis as a nod to OTR.

May 14, 2016

I added $100.00 to the needed this year which still keeps it well under last year. The reason is so I could upgrade audio tools to work with all of the raw material I have for additions and audio upgrades I will be doing this year. The tools have gotten much better than what I had. Just a couple weeks ago I did this with Boston Blackie and added 19 episodes and improved a few dozen other episodes.

April 12, 2016

We reached the halfway point for funding the station for the year. A few weeks ago I helped with that by lowering expenses by bringing our maximum listeners down to 1,200 from 1,500. Only once ever did we exceed 1,200 and I looked at the peak in the past few months to determine the best maximum.

When ionospheric conditions permit I try to get on with ORCATS (Old-time Radio Collectors And Traders Society) on 7.238MHz LSB Sundays at 7AM CT. ORCATS formed in the early 70's and has been meeting on the 40m amateur band since that time. The two founding members (Ken W9ZMR and Larry WA8DDN) are still running it. I first started with them in 2003. It can be a challenge to communicate with conditions that change week to week and minute to minute sometimes. We also compete with an AM broadcast station at 7.235 and also sometimes hams just 2KHz above us so a notch filter and passband filtering or other filtering is often required. I know that maybe as much as 20% of listeners are hams. You are welcome to participate or at least just check-in and say hello. 73 de KC9AYH.

December 31, 2015

With a couple large donations by postal mail that came in today in addition to the several other donations of the past few days and weeks, we completed the funding for 2015 and moved into funding 2016. Wonderful. Today alone $542.00 was donated. Thank you for the full support this year. Happy New Year.

December 12, 2015

We are rather far behind in funds donated this year compared to all other years. In previous years we were fully funded by December 15th. I prefer not to solicit over the air and certainly won't do that this year. New this year, I added a fundraising offer where you can get a discount offers app for your phone for $20 and donate $10 to ABN. This comes from a dedicated listener in Minnesota who wanted to help.

For 2016, I'll look at cutting expenses and see if we can get a better rate. When I moved up to 1,500 allowed from 1,000 we got a much better rate so I'm not sure we'll save all that much by taking it back down to 1,200. But hopefully all of this bandwidth should cost less in 2016 than it did 10 years ago. To all of you who donated this year, thank you. Those small donations are the majority and they absolutely do make the difference. Thanks particularly to those who subscribed to monthly payments.

In 2016 I will make some more moderate schedule changes and add a whole new segment. My idea is a grabbag segment that picks programs that don't fit into our current subgenres. I have a huge inventory of very good quality now. It just requires my time to review it.

The Cinnamon Bear starts today at 3PM & 8:30PM and runs two episodes a day through the 24th. Last year was the first year I listened to the whole thing and even though it is a juvenile serial and sounds a bit hokey with the characters, it is actually quite good with some very creative original music. And Santa even has a ham station revealed near the end of the series.

December 7, 2015

To help us finish off the year, we have a special offer. When you purchase a digital coupon book for $20.00, $10.00 goes to ABN. A card is postal mailed to you which you can scan with your smart phone to use an app that will give discount offers to you based on your location from now until the end of 2016. Visit the Support page for more information.

Ended the poll question today. Out of 332 that responded Nov 17 - Dec 7, 64 said they were amateur radio operators. That's an incredible 19%.

Pearl Harbor day, 74 years ago today.

November 17, 2015

Just completed a behind-the-scenes update to the HTML & CSS to make it more modern. The Recent & Upcoming now has a tabbed interface and some other refinements.

I also just added a poll question: Are you a licensed amateur radio operator? Just 0.2% of the U.S. population can answer "yes" to this question. But the reason I ask is because I've received what seems like an disproportionate number of emails from amateur radio operators.

November 9, 2015

The site now has a mobile version that appears like a mobile app. Just use the web browsers such as Chrome or Safari on your smartphone to go to On Android you can save to your home screen for easy app-like access. The same can be done for iPhones but unfortunately when launching the site that way it doesn't play in the background whereas Android does. You should have player controls to play and pause on the lock screen. Also for Android users, you can request the desktop site if there's something there not in the mobile that you want to see.

The nice part about providing the mobile app this way is there's no version for me to submit to various stores, no updating you need to do. Anything I improve is instantly upgraded for you. By the same token, anything I break will be instantly realized too. I have a few more things I'd like to do for the new mobile site but have a look at it now.

July 13, 2015

Just updated the Antioch Rebroadcaster app

In the past few weeks I've done upgrades and additions to Counterspy, Broadway is My Beat and added The Line-up.

Before that, at the end of May I released the Antioch OTR mobile apps for iOS and Android.

February 28, 2015

Changed the frequency to 1610 KHz so I make no particular claims about getting around town as this frequency is competing with many stations day and night. I moved it to 1610 because I've only ever heard signal reports from amateur radio operators nearby but never from anyone else over the course of 11 years. I hear the kids now don't even know what AM radio is. Also the rules are easier in the true AM broadcast band and my current objective with the terrestrial side of the station is to go back to my original idea of giving content to the antique radios in the house and power the bedside crystal radios. Since the frequency is no longer a big part of the station, I've slowly removed references to AM 1710 and now ID as "Old-Time Radio Antioch".

I released a new version 1.0.4 of the OS X dashboard widget. I'm not sure how much dashboard widgets are used but the new version has some fixes and an updated icon.

I'm considering some small schedule changes after over 5 years since the last change. It will not be very major but it will allow some of the long-time listeners a bit of rotation on the types of shows they hear. There's more in the works but you'll have to wait for that.

February 19, 2015

I'm really late with this kind of feature but I just made it so the main page now dynamically updates without a browser refresh.

January 17, 2015

Classical music was indeed played often in the early days of radio so their use on AM 1710 is not so out-of-place. See here.

November 29, 2014

We'll be running Christmas Serials beginning today @ 3:30PM & 8PM to run through December 24th.

November 18, 2014

Added 211 Escape episodes to Mystery/Thriller this past week. I'll be running the advent/Christmas series The Cinnamon Bear playing two episodes a day starting in mid-December to culminate in the ending near Christmas.

September 11, 2014

Just completed 108 audio upgrades to The Whistler while also adding 21 new episodes.